About Dr. Jen’s Ragdolls

Rated a Supreme Cattery of Excellence by The Traditional Cat Association, Dr. Jen’s Ragdolls offers ragdoll kittens bred by veterinarian Dr. Jennifer Woll and her son, Tyler, near Chicago. The breed, a combination of the best traits of Persian, Burmese, and Birman cats, first appeared in California in the 1960s. Smart, large, and muscular, with beautiful white or cream silky fur that sheds minimally and rarely mats, ragdolls feature blue, seal, or lilac points. The cats sometimes relax and go limp in their owners’ hands, hence the name. Dr. Jen’s Ragdolls keeps the kittens in a homey environment of five felines or fewer and socializes them daily with other animals and children.

A veterinarian since 1993, Dr. Woll founded Dr. Jen’s Ragdolls in 1994. Every cat at the facility undergoes regular screening for internal and external parasites, kidney disease, feline leukemia virus, feline immunodeficiency virus, and other conditions in accordance with recommendations from the American Association of Feline Practitioners and the American Veterinary Medical Association. At Dr. Jen’s Ragdolls, a cardiologist also conducts ultrasound examinations on cats to check for heart disease, and each kitten comes with a written warranty.

The traditional pet kittens are $700, minks and solid whites are $850, and breeding kittens are $1,400.

The precious kittens at Dr. Jen’s Ragdolls cost $700 each, with $100 off for a second feline from the same litter. To designate a kitten for purchase, the breeder requires a $100 deposit via mail or PayPal. Each purchase includes three kitten shots, virus and fecal checks, and neutering at Dr. Woll’s veterinary office. For an additional cost based on gas prices and distance, Dr. Jen’s Ragdolls offers limited hand delivery in the Chicago area, Springfield, and Champaign in Illinois; Indianapolis; and in parts of Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, as well as North and South Dakota. Delivery is also possible anywhere by air. For more information or to view the breed, visit DrJensRagdolls.com, recognized as a Fantastic Feline Site by Felines4Us.com.

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