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History of the Ragdoll Cat

6 Dec

Ragdolls are a distinct and unique breed of cat that are bred in a variety of colors. They are large cats, with luxurious silky coats, and they are intelligent and good tempered. They are known as Ragdolls from their tendency to become limp and docile when picked up.

Ragdolls were developed in America in the 1960s by breeder Ann Baker. The progenitor of all ragdolls was a domestic longhair named Josephine. Josephine was bred with different Burmese and Birman cats, and the resulting offspring were the first cats with Ragdoll characteristics.

Ragdolls quickly became a popular breed, and other breeders carried on with the legacy of Ann Baker. Another important breeder in the history of Ragdolls was Denny Dayton, who lobbied to make the breed legitimate by the standards of cat fanciers. In 1967, his efforts led to the official recognition of the Ragdoll breed.

About the author: Jennifer Woll is the owner/operator of Dr. Jen’s Ragdolls, an Illinois cattery that raises beautiful, healthy Ragdoll cats.